Finally, a Course that helps you learn how to go from wanting chickens to loving having them.

 HOLIDAY SPECIAL *** - $47 for a Lifetime Subscription

Learn all of the essential steps to raising your own healthy chickens 

course includes: 

  • 29 Videos: We not only teach you how to find chickens perhaps for the color of egg, demeanor or beauty, but also how to care for them, enjoy them and yea we have some fun with a guest character in the videos - roger the rooster :) 
  • E-Book: Some like to read and see pictures with step by step instructions that you can easily reference. Our 30-page PDF ebook is for you
  • Discount Codes: Enjoy discounts to all of your essential must have items to get started and to maintain healthy chickens
  • Architectural Plans: We hired an architect (yea we know a little overkill) and create the most ideal chicken coop that you can build for cheap
  • How to Make Money: Learn how to have the most delicious eggs and make money selling them 

 HOLIDAY SPECIAL *** - $47 for a Lifetime Subscription

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